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Young Couple Expecting


Through specialized care at Principled Chiropractic, pregnant women can be as healthy as possible throughout their pregnancy. By having their spine checked regularly, expecting mothers ensure their pelvis sits properly to allow optimum room for their baby to grow and move. A study conducted by Dr. Henderson, MD demonstrated that “women who received chiropractic adjustments during their 3rd trimester were able to carry and deliver their child with much more comfort”. According to a comprehensive study performed by Dr. Joan Fallon, first time mothers averaged a 24% shorter labor, while experienced mothers had a 39% reduction in the average labor times. Who would not be excited about this possibility?

A well-functioning nervous system and properly-aligned structure enable a mother to more easily combat many of the hurdles of pregnancy. Often mothers accept the common discomforts of pregnancy when they don’t have to. Some of the challenges that can be alleviated by chiropractic adjustments are mid back pain, shortness of breath, heartburn, constipation, frequent urination, sciatica, lower back pain, and pelvic pain. As pregnancy progresses, the load on your spine increases as hormones cause relaxation of ligaments responsible for maintaining joint stability. More stress and less stability is a combination that is responsible for many of the issues women experience during pregnancy. Research shows that correct alignment of the pelvis and spine reduce the stress on the spinal joints, improving overall stability, resulting in a more straightforward labor with less pain and trauma for mother and child. 

At Principled Chiropractic, our training allows us to offer expecting mothers the best care available before and during pregnancy, and post birth. The typical first visit for an expecting mother is to perform a comprehensive history to determine if there are any environmental or lifestyle factors that can be addressed to ensure an optimal pregnancy and birth. Following the history, a specialized exam will be performed to see how well the nervous system is working, and if the spine and pelvis are in the correct position. We will then go over all of the results with the pregnant mother and let her know if we can help. 

Our pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery chiropractic care is gentle and effective. As the pregnancy progresses we adapt to the body’s needs and offer the most appropriate care. Throughout care, we will continue to monitor the expecting mother’s nervous system, spine, and pelvis to ensure we continue to provide the best care possible.

Dr. Biggs is certified in the Webster Technique. Webster Technique is a specific analysis and adjustment that reduces sacral subluxations (nerve interference) and helps restore proper biomechanical function to the pelvis. In pregnancy, it may help prepare the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and labor by creating balance of the pelvis structures, muscles, and ligaments. By increasing maternal and baby vital function, we reduce the need for unnecessary interventions, which is why many birth professionals refer their patients to us.

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