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A Toddler and a Baby


As expecting parents, you do everything possible to ensure your child has a healthy entrance into the world. You take prenatal vitamins, eat a healthier diet, take pregnancy classes, and use non-VOC paint while preparing the nursery. Once your child has arrived, the efforts to maintain health in your newborn are continued. During this exciting time, few people know that one of the simplest ways to ensure a healthy start to life for their child is to have their child checked by a pediatric chiropractor.

Why should a newborn or child be checked by a pediatric chiropractor? More and more research is coming out on the trauma a baby sustains even during a “normal” birth. It is becoming very evident that a baby’s nervous system is under a tremendous amount of stress from the beginning. This early stress on the nervous system can show up as colic, ear infections, constipation, difficulty nursing, torticollis, and failure to achieve developmental milestones. Even worse, the stress on the nervous system may not show up until deep patterns of dysfunction develop later in childhood or into adulthood.

 Since 65% of nervous system development occurs in the first year of life, it is very important for parents to bring their children in to get checked as soon after the birth as possible. Dr. Gutmann, a German medical doctor, examined the necks of over a 1,000 babies shortly after birth and found that over 80% had neck injuries sustained in-utero and during birth. Dr. Gutmann’s research showed that the children adjusted by a chiropractor had success, almost without exception. Dr. Gutmann states, “Chiropractic can often bring about amazingly successful results, because the therapy is a causal one (addressing the true underlying problem, not just the symptoms). With developmental disturbances of every kind, the atlanto-occipital joints (bones in top of neck) should be examined and in each case be treated manually in a qualified manner (by a pediatric chiropractor). The success of this treatment eclipses every other attempt at treatment, including especially the use of medications”

At Principled Chiropractic, we are trained to assess and ease the effects of birth trauma. Not all children need an adjustment, but all need to be checked. If indicated, the chiropractic adjustment on newborns and children is very different than the adjustment of an adult. In our office, the most common adjustment of a newborn involves very light fingertip pressure along the child’s neck, back and/or pelvis. Overall, the adjustment is very gentle and is actually very soothing for the newborn.

We take care of a lot of newborns and children, and are extremely passionate about maximizing their potential and giving them a major advantage in life.

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