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Why Principled?

When starting a new business, one must endure and overcome many challenges. One of the most important decisions is deciding the name of this new company. The name is the brand and should say something about he company and the services or products that it offers. Many chiropractors name the office after themselves, ex. Biggs Chiropractic, which is effective at making others aware by whom they are being adjusted. Others name their office according to their location, ex. Palm Beach Chiropractic. This is helpful in claiming your turf. Others yet choose an abstract name that points toward the overall message or philosophy of the clinic. This can either be effective at establishing your purpose or just as easily be confusing to everyone else.

Despite the fact that it sounds like an investment firm, I chose Principled Chiropractic for the following reasons:

1. The Principle behind chiropractic is a critical philosophical idea that underscores everything we do. Understanding of this principle helps a person not only make wise health decisions, but wise decisions in general.
2. Unfortunately, some “chiropractors” have little or know understanding regarding this principle that is responsible for all successes that they may encounter in practice. Needless to say, they leave their practice members ignorant of the BIG IDEA. Without this concept, how can someone be expected to break free of the shackles that our “health-care” system uses to bind this nation to its diseases? We want to stand apart as being different from others in the community.
3. A Principle is something that someone stands behind. It is a lifestyle that in many ways defines a person. It often sets someone apart from others around them. The chiropractic principle most certainly does this.
For these reasons, we want all who come through our doors to know that, first and foremost, it is by this principle that their symptoms will improve. It is by this principle that their body will heal. It is by this principle that they will be in tune with their body and that still, small voice from within. It is by this principle that we become who we were meant to be.
The Principled Chiropractic logo is a tree with a unique root structure. These roots form arrows that flow from above-down, inside out. This is the direction that all life flows. From the brain down through the spinal cord and the nerves to each cell in the body. This is also how life flows down from God, to us, and through us to each other. This is a visual representation of the Principle behind chiropractic.

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