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Have you noticed how all of the hospitals are under massive expansion construction projects? Many people in the community view this as a great and welcomed sight. To them, this means new facilities, new technology, more access for those in need. When I see this, it means there are so many people in a health crisis that there isn’t enough room in the already enormous hospital to fit them. In my community, both of the closest, established hospitals are expanding, and a brand new hospital was just opened a few miles down the road.

Apparently, they need more beds so they have room for all of the sick people. This should be an alarming visual reminder that many of the people around us NEED help. Statistically, 1 in 4 will die of heart disease(1),  1 in 4 will die from cancer (2), and diabetes is racing to catch up. 95% of heart disease is preventable. 90-95% of all cancer is avoidable (3). Type 2 Diabetes is equally as preventable. This means that at least one out of two people will die from a disease that could be avoided. Look around you. Who are you willing to lose?

The good news is that you have the ability, and in my opinion the responsibility, to influence the outcome of your health as well as the health of those for whom you care. It starts with YOU. We are called to lead by example. Take the initiative to create a lifestyle that is ANTI-cancer, ANTI-heart disease, ANTI-diabetes. Please don’t wait until you have the diagnosis to take your first action step. If others see you changing your life, looking better, having more energy, getting sick less, they will ask you about it. If they don’t, TELL THEM. It is not rude if you care about someone enough to take active interest in their well-being.

As you talk to enough people, you will quickly find that some people are not motivated by the physical benefits of a healthier life. In which case, you may want to discuss the monetary consequences of disease. The treatment of chronic disease costs Americans $1,875,000,000,000 each year. Yes that is TRILLION. That figure doesn’t even take into account lost productivity from missed work or premature death. Some of the newest cancer treatment drugs can run as much as $10,000 a month! If you think your insurance is going to cover it, think again. Being sick is expensive.

You may be asking yourself, where does chiropractic fit in to this? While there are many components to living a lifestyle that encourages vitality and shrugs off disease, chiropractic starts with the core of a healthy body. Studies have shown that people under long term chiropractic care use 85% less medications, are half as likely to visit a hospital, and miss significantly fewer days of work. Sounds good, right? By improving nervous system performance, chiropractic ensures that each and every cell of your body is being controlled by your brain in a way that maximizes health potential. Whether it is your cardiovascular system, immune system, or endocrine system, all organs require proper communication with the brain to function well. For this reason, chiropractic has no substitute.

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