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As a 24 year old I have watched friends and family in and out of chiropractic offices mainly for back and neck injuries. After dropping my sister off at Principled Chiropractic, Dr. Biggs offered to examine my spine. With very minor irregularities, I saw no reason to invest into chiropractic care but he explained to me adjustments are not just to straighten the spine but enhance my well being. I gave it a shot because of his reputation…after just 3 adjustments I MIRACULOUSLY found myself sleeping better, increased concentration at work, MORE ENERGY, handling stressful situations better, and overall more happy about life.  If you want to live a better life then pay attention to the guy who can get your nervous system operating to 100%.  – Blake I am so very thankful for Dr. Drew and the type of chiropractic care he offers to his patients. At 23 weeks pregnant, I was experiencing the worst SI joint pain, making it almost impossible to sit or lie down. Trying to get in and out of my car was a challenge brought on with tears and frustration. Thankfully, Dr. Drew was more than happy to help. He agreed to see me at the last minute, just before he was to leave town himself–he truly does care about treating his patients. He took his time listening to my problems, was very gentle with the adjustment (as I was nervous being pregnant) and even encouraged me of things I can do at home to help if the pain comes back. When I left there I had no more pain. I can lie down every night without the pain of pinching in my lower back. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Drew and the care he offers. I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you Dr. Drew! – Kasey Dr. Biggs always goes the extra mile to listen and make you feel comfortable. He never rushes you out of his office and always takes his time to get to the root of your issues. He is very caring and patient. – Wendy I work at Place of Hope and started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Drew as one of the benefits of my job! Dr. Drew faithfully gives of his time and talent to the staff members at Place of Hope every Wednesday. He has been such a blessing to all of us, and we are so thankful for him! He has also given me a lot of good advice about my health and well-being, which is especially helpful as I sit at a desk 40 hours a week. I appreciate everything that Dr. Drew has done for me 🙂 – Sarah Dr. Drew consistently provides individualized care in a patient-centered environment. I have never felt like ‘the next patient in line’ when under his care. He takes the time to hear your concerns and goals and provides treatment focused on your specific healing and the needs of your body. I have great confidence taking my entire family, including my four young children, to be seen by Dr. Drew. We are all very grateful for his high standard of excellence and effective care. – Joshua I wanted to thank you for all your help while I was recovering from a total knee replacement. Words cannot express my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude for you and your support while in my time of need. Your patience, sensitivity, and genuine concern enabled me to deal with the intense sciatic pain that I was suffering as a result of the surgery. Your calming reassurance and soothing bedside manner helped ease the trauma of having such a life changing procedure at my age. I will forever carry gratitude in my heart for not only the chiropractic adjustments, but for educating me about healthy living as well. You enabled me to have a quality of life that I was afraid I may have lost. May God bless you as you continue to work to educate the public about the benefits of chiropractic. – Patty Up until this past January, I have been miserable for the past 3 years. Chronic neck and back pain from two car accidents and herniated discs. 3 things that have radically changed my life this year. 1. Crossfit gym 2. Paleo/raw food diet 3. REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE. No drugs. No surgeries (although i was very close) Just giving the body what it needs to heal. – Jeremy
I am so grateful for Dr. Drew’s excellent care! I have always held my stress in my neck and upper back. Previously I did not have success with other chiropractic care…and then I was referred to Dr. Drew! Dr. Drew was able to effectively treat me and continues to show genuine concern and understanding. I would not consider going anywhere else! – Deirdra Growing up I never experienced chiropractic care and honestly when I went to Dr. Drew initially, I was very skeptical. Little did I know, my skepticism about chiropractic care after my time with Dr. Drew would turn into such a beneficial and healthy choice for my life in general. Dr. Drew made me feel very comfortable and quelled any of my anxieties I had about chiropractic care with cogent, knowledgeable and kind words. His adjustments and knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices have benefited my overall well-being. I absolutely LOVE my time I get to spend with Dr. Drew and would highly recommend his practice to anyone. – Andrew I feel blessed to be in Dr. Drew’s care. He is truly committed to his patients’ well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Thank you Dr. Drew!   – Dawn I have been privileged to be around Chiropractic my whole life. I was adjusted when I was just hours old. My life experience (not only as a person wanting to live healthy but as a competitive athlete) has taught me to believe strongly in the principles of Chiropractic and the benefit for overall health and happiness. I have been to several different Chiropractors throughout my life and I can say with confidence that Dr. Drew stands apart as one who not only operates on excellence but believe and applies these principles to his own life. I have the privilege of working with foster children in the child welfare system. It is astounding to see that a high majority are prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. It is not uncommon to see negative side affects from these drugs which are in turn treated with more drugs. Our culture is caught up in the cycle of treating symptoms. Chiropractic seeks true healing and in a wholistic way which encourages both physical and mental health. I am truly thankful for Dr. Drew, not only for his skill as a practitioner but also for who he is as a person in his community. It is clear that he desires to see people not only feel better, but live better. He has also devoted a great deal of time and resources to Place of Hope (a foster care organization serving broken homes and needy children in Palm Beach County) showing that he not only cares for the health of individuals but the healing of families. I highly recommend Dr. Drew. You will not be disappointed. – Jerris I recently started chiropractic visits with Dr. Drew Biggs because of hip pain caused by a bulging disc. It wasn’t until I met him that I completely understood what chiropractic does and why it is so important. It is not about only about helping with pain but about keeping a healthly functioning system. I now visit regularly and I feel great. I’m now working on the whole package including diet and exercise with Dr. Biggs’ advice. I wish I started chiropractic 10 years ago but it is never too late to start! A big thank you to Dr. Biggs for never judging me on my laziness and staying proactive in directing me towards a better quality of life! – Holly Dr. Biggs is not just a doctor he is my friend. I was terrified of being adjusted for the first time but after the first visit with Dr. Biggs it feels completely normal. His mother helps run the office and I love meeting his children. I always look forward to my biweekly visits. – Olivia