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Helping you reverse the effects of hidden body stress is what we do best!  Did you know that daily stress, if left unchecked, can affect your body and health? Gaining weight, having trouble sleeping, aging to rapidly, lack of energy can all be related to your stress.

Principled Chiropractic now has an easy way to assess your stress and the impact it’s having on your body and health.  It’s called the COREscore™ and can be completed in less than 15 minutes. The Insight Subluxation Station, certified by the Space Foundation.

This quick & easy, non-invasive test identifies those problem areas within your nervous system and spine, and allows us to develop the right care plan for you.  Another benefit of the COREscore™ is that you can view your personal report on-line, anytime, anywhere through our new patient reporting web service.Core-score

5 Technologies designed to improve your outcome.

Thermography – The Thermal Scan is used to assess the part of your nervous system that helps to control your organs, glands, and blood vessels, the autonomic system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature along the spine. Since proper function of your organs, glands, and blood vessels is essential to healing and living well, this test gives your doctor a ‘snapshot’ of how this portion of your nervous system is working and how it is responding to care.

Surface and Dynamic EMG –  The Surface EMG exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support your spine. These muscles are controlled by nerves. This test shows the pattern of how energy is distributed through these muscles. The exam helps identify areas and patterns of abnormal tension and stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your care progresses.

Heart Rate Variability – The HRV or Pulse Wave Profiler helps the doctor to determine your overall ability to adapt to the environment. It does this by looking at the timing of your pulse, and determining the balance and tone of your nervous system. This exam is known as heart rate variability. Proper balance and tone are associated with better adaptability and a healthy lifestyle. Low heart rate variability is associated with aging and poor heart health. Published research has shown that chiropractic adjustments have a beneficial effect on heart rate variability.

Digital ROM – The Range of Motion exam measures the amount of movement in regions of your spine. This exam identifies areas of restricted motion, and shows if one side moves better than the other. Your ranges of motion can also be compared to established normal values. This part of the exam helps your doctor find areas of altered spinal mechanics.

Algometry – If there istenderness felt along your spine or if you arre suffering from pain when you consulted the doctor, an Algometry (pain mapping) exam is performed to produce a comprehensive map of the pattern of pain along your spine. This test measures the sensitivity of various locations to pressure.

We are very proud and excited about staying on the leading edge of chiropractic care by offering this service to you and your family.  Contact us today to learn more about how stress is affecting your health and to schedule your COREscore™ appointment.

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