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How Chiropractic Can Help Headaches

What do you do when a debilitating headache or migraine hits? Do you turn the lights off and lie down? Just suffer through it? Pop a couple pills and hope it goes away? Well, if you are looking for long lasting, drug free relief from headaches, you have come to the right place.

Ninety-five percent of headaches are primary headaches, such as tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. These types of headaches are not caused by disease. Instead, they are caused by physical, chemical, or emotional stress on your body. The majority of headaches stem from neck dysfunction. Today, more than ever, we are more prone to neck dysfunction and headaches because Americans are more sedentary than ever. We spend more hours in a fixed position. Our posture deteriorates and this leads to joint irritation, muscle tension in the neck, upper back, and scalp, impaired blood flow of the arteries passing through the bones of the upper neck, and ultimately causing your head to ache.

Now we know what causes headaches and migraines, but how can chiropractic help? That’s a great question. At Principled Chiropractic, we focus on restoring proper posture and restoring the proper neck curve. A report released in 2001 by researchers at Duke University found that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headaches than a commonly prescribed medication. In 1995, a study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that spinal manipulative therapy is an effective treatment for tension headaches and that those who ceased chiropractic treatment after four weeks experienced a sustained therapeutic benefit in contrast with those patients who received a commonly prescribed medication.

By addressing neck dysfunction we are actually addressing the cause of your headache; whereas that pill you take is merely dulling your perception of the headache. In some cases, that pill may actually be contributing to the problem. With the chiropractic adjustment, cervical traction, exercise, relaxation techniques, and spinal molding, we are able to address the root cause of many headaches. Headaches are not normal and they should not be a normal part of your year, month, week, or even day. Come in today and see if your headaches are being caused by underlying neck dysfunction.


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Is chiropractic care only for people with back pain?

Stay Chiropractic Healthy

Chiropractic not only restores the natural motion in each spinal segment, thus enabling that area to enjoy it’s full movement potential, but also enable healthier full body motion for a more functional and capable life.

Chiropractic enables the weight bearing abilities of the spine and skeletal structure to be optimized. This is critical whether you are lifting a bag of groceries, a toddler, or a heavy barbell.

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Having your spine in a balanced and neutral position allows your body to hold itself upright with greater ease and with less resistance against gravity. This enables your muscular system to be more relaxed throughout the day. Coupled with more complete, fluid movement and efficient weight bearing, your body as a whole will enjoy a new level of efficiency.

By removing interfering factors in the nervous system, it is able to heal your body more efficiently and effectively from a cellular level.

Your body is constantly adapting to internal and external environmental factors. Your nervous system controls this adaptation. By improving nervous system function, adaptability also improves which keeps your body in a healthier state no matter what it encounters.

Our mission is to educate and lead as many people as possible toward optimal health.

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