Autism affects 1 out of 50 kids!

A new report was recently released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimating that 1 child out of every 50 between the ages of 6 and 17 has been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This is up from 1 in 88 last year, a 72% increase.

The CDC points to a greater awareness amongst parents and improved effectiveness in testing and diagnosis as the reason for this massive increase. When the historical prevalence of autism is examined, it is difficult to accept this feeble excuse. In 1975, 1 in 5000 children were diagnosed with autism. According to the National Vaccine Information Center, that rate doubled to 1 in 2500 by 1985. By 1995, it was 1 in 500. 1 in 250 by 2001, 1 in 150 in 2007, and 1 in 88 by 2012.


If this was any other type of disease, it would be be declared a national epidemic and you would hear about it every day on the news. The public would be in a panic and the media would be in a very profitable frenzy. There would be massive campaigns to create drugs and vaccines to prevent further outbreak, but ASD doesn’t work like that. In fact, modern medicine doesn’t really know how it works.

What they seems to be quite certain of is the fact that it couldn’t possibly be their fault. Certainly there has been much hype about the relationship between vaccinations and ASD, and both sides are unwavering in their beliefs. Most medical doctors who step out and stand against the status quo, and most importantly the pharmaceutical industry, are quickly discredited and made to look like a crazed lunatic who wants to see all children die of polio and measles. Despite these attacks, there is much research that show a strong link between vaccines, gastrointestinal disease, and autism. More here.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that autism is now affecting kids at a rate that demands all the attention it can get. The influencing factors that cause autism are an ongoing debate. Genetic factors seem to play a role, but hardly explain the exponential rise in prevalence. Genetics don’t change that quickly. Prenatal factors also are important, including maternal illness and deficiencies in folic acid during pregnancy, and oxygen deprivation of the baby before and during labor. However, it is frequently reported that many children show normal and even advanced intellectual and motor skill maturation before regressing to symptoms common with ASD. This would indicate environmental factors, which may include toxin exposure. Toxins can be contacted from numerous sources, but none has received the publicity of our national vaccination program.

The US vaccine courts are hesitant to confirm a direct causal relationship between vaccines and autism. Instead, they prefer to say that the vaccines cause encephalopathy (brain disease). Recently, two children were awarded millions by the court for vaccine-induced encephalopathy. Both of these kids also have been diagnosed with ASD which the court has determined is not related to the encephalopathy. Regardless of the courts opinion, these were kids who showed no intellectual or motor delays prior to their MMR vaccine and resultant “encephalopathy.”

Apparently the pharmaceutical industry have not been paying Italian officials as much as the Americans, because their courts did recently rule that a MMR vaccine caused autism in one child recently. Thousands of other cases are set to be tried in the future, so this case has set an important precedence. If you are wondering why you haven’t heard about any of this, it is because of a virtual media blackout on these types of cases. This shouldn’t surprise you though, seeing that 25% of all advertisements are drug related. It should be noted that only the US and New Zealand allow direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical ads. Other countries determined it would be harmful to the public and would increase the costs of such drugs. I’m sure they are wrong.


Unfortunately, due to conflicts of interest, you cannot rely on TV, newspapers, or magazines to get an accurate reports on this topic. This blog is also biased in the opposite direction. That means it is up to you to do your homework. It is difficult and will take a great deal of time, but the life of your child depends on it. Please understand that money is often a key force behind legislation. And mandatory vaccine programs generate billions of dollars in revenue. Below are a couple good articles to read. The National Vaccine Information Centerhas loads on info and is another great resource. – DOWNLOAD VACCINE EXEMPTION FORMS HERE

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